The main principles of our company’s quality policy

  • Ensuring the satisfaction of customers, of employees and of all interested parties through continuous improvement in all aspects of business activities
  • Ensuring sustainable development through innovation of processes and continuous education
  • Process approach – defining the main processes, the owners of processes, systematic assessment of the capability and performance of processes, analyzing the results of processes
  • Responsibility towards the environment – avoiding harmful influence to the environment by our activities, assisting at the development of the region within the realms of possibility
  • Continuous improvement of the performance of organization, of the quality of products and of services
  • Focussing on facts at decision making – applying appropriate techniques for the collection and analysis of data, emphasizing credibility of results
  • Claiming responsibility for the product, providing favourable contractual guarantees to the customer
  • Elimination of emerging errors and shortcomings and their immediate remedy
  • Improving communication with the customers
  • Checking and enforcing compliance with the applicable legal and other regulations for ensuring health protection and safety at work
  • Informing the employees about the state of ensuring health protection and safety at work, especially in the sphere of elimination of risks at workplaces

Why FENEGA, s.r.o. (Ltd.)?

We are a dynamically developing company that flexibly replies to the market needs and adapts its business activities to them.


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